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Here you may purchase items such as, Custom forum, Custom usergroup, Custom rank and Etc. Prices may vary though, But be on good aware that our prices are very low,


Custom User rank (text only): 15 Golics
Custom User rank (text+rank image you want): 50 Golics
Premium Membership - 1 month : 90 Golics
Premium Membership - 4 months : 150 Golics
Premium Membership - 12 months : 400 Golics
Premium Membership - Lifetime : 700 Golics

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descriptionForum Shop ( Information Here) EmptyRe: Forum Shop ( Information Here)


When purchasing please make a topic in the "forum shop" section with the title off "{USERNAMES} Purchasing Topic 's" and please include the following:


Product 1*:
Product 2:
Product 3:

Extra Comments:

- Krispo Team
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